187674287Are you an author looking for a website to showcase your literary accomplishments?

We provide an inexpensive author website service that includes:

  1. Domain name: www.BookName.com
  2. 12 months of hosting; annual renewal rate is $150/year and includes domain name renewal.
  3. Header – customized to your book cover
  4. WordPress installation
  5. Database installation
  6. Theme installation
  7. Professional email to go with your domain name: yourname@Bookname.com
  8. Google Analytics installation
  9. Integrate Amazon book link
  10. Integrate book trailer
  11. Set up homepage, about us, contact us and events page.
  12. Phone walk through
  13. Email signature set up help

Your investment: $550

Small sample of our work:

Buddy Bully



Nuggets of Praise

Phillip Rohlin

Russell Smith


Geo Novo BooksF&D


Collette Jackson Fink








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